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Photoshop CS Tutorial Bubble Wallpaper erstellen
2010-11-29, 1:48 AM
Hinzugefügt von: NuMetal |
Aufrufe: 643 | Rating: 3.8/4
Kommentare insgesamt: 1
1 Bhudev  
/ what a shame, everything gone!i know all to well what this means, i have had 2 ceprutoms who did die on me in the last few years, and as a mapper/modder i lost 4 complete maps all together. it's the downside of ceprutoms and hardware, it is great stuff, but when something happens everything is gone. a solution is backups, but how much can you back up without loosing hours of time each day, and a lot of stuff is only temporary usable, so why then back up. personally i now share stuff with friends from our dev forum, and upload stuff to a site at the same time so i never can loose anything anymore.but in you're case this probably isn't a solution.success with this site and maybe we can ones see if my HL2 (ep1+ep2) sp-mods are interesting enough for your site.leon

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